They believe expertise is a bucket instead of a spectrum

YOU. You are either a great public speaker or you’re not. You’re either an expert doctor or you’re not a doctor.

This is a delusional belief. It means you have a binary choice in regards to expertise. This is reflected in imposter syndrome like behaviors. “I can’t do that. I’m not an ‘expert'”.

Expertise is a relative thing. We grow in it. If you had one year of medical school and no one else has in a room. You are the medical expert. This is the very basis of how scientific knowledge comes to life. Scientists accumulate knowledge and must be comfortable with not knowing and acknowledging where they are ignorant so they can search.

If expertise was a bucket. Once you were imbued with a Ph.D in physics you are a physics expert. but not in a room of the top 10 qualified physicists in the world.

Most people think it’s a binary choice. It’s not. It’s a spectrum and relative. The moment you understand that you are no longer embarrassed about what you know or don’t.