Talk about people instead of ideas

The impoverished, those living a poor life either through mindset, spirituality or financially, lean on the principles of rumors and gossip. They love to talk about people instead of ideas. People are easy to talk about. When someone goes against the social norm, when someone over hears something they seek to share with others because it grants them a form of social power. The belief that they must be important for they are in the known about something.

Talking about ideas requires to be well read or vulnerable to sharing your opinion. Fear of judgement, misunderstanding or social exclusion may flood over individuals. So instead of talking about ideas they seek to go to what makes them feel better about themselves. It makes their mediocre life seem much better.

Worse is the symptom of suggesting that the person someone is gossiping about is not as important as they are or whoever they are talking with. The old saying goes though if you find someone gossiping or trash talking someone you are equally going to find them trash talking you the moment they get to.

It also shows a sign of superficial judgement. Not decisiveness, quick thinking or understanding. Just judgemental. They seek to explain the world and everyone around it through their egocentric view and expect others to understand it from theirs as well.