Security instead of freedom

95% of the human population kept us safe and alive to be here today. They were cautious, slow and steady always thinking in terms of how will I be safe. How will I always have food today and tomorrow.

The other 5% of humanity progressed us to our technological standards that we have today. They sought how to be better. They looked at what we had and saw that improvements meant more freedom.

Now most people will say they enjoy freedom but few actually work to obtain it. Someone once defined an entrepreneur as someone who will work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40. It seems like a funny paradox but only to those who seek security.

Security is the measure to which degree of freedom you are at. To seek security means you find the thing that is the safest. The spectrum is a blanket in the corner to the 9 to 5 corporate job.

Too many of us ask for security. We should be asking for freedom. Freedom is adventure. There is little security in a startup. There is adventure. Do not confuse not seeking security with recklessness. Anyone can seek security and still be reckless.

In America the endeavor of the Patriot act, war power resolutions for drone strikes over foreign territory culminating in the death of at least one American citizen without judge or jury is the pinnacle example of seeking security while being reckless. The surrendering of freedom to executive powers that oversaw American “security” results in an endless endeavor of recklessness in the perception of security.