Focus on loss or Gain?

No one gets married expecting to be divorced in 5 years. It’s the same risk perception most entrepreneurs have. You don’t start something expecting it to be a fiery crash. Opportunity cost analysis is important. It means looking at both what you have to gain and what you have to lose on your primary choices.

Too many people look at an option and see only what they have to lose. They don’t take into consideration all they have to gain or evaluate it properly. They instead determine one is better than the other.

They’d rather watch a netflix series then go networking. Because the cost to network is money, time and potential social awkwardness. They didn’t spend time doing a full analysis. Just what is easy and what is hard in their mind. Which has a more immediate cost and a lack of an immediate gain.

It’s easy to focus on loss especially the immediate kind and it’s easy to notice immediate gains.