Flock to comfort and flee from discomfort

It is our natural inclination to avoid discomfort. Examples are so prevalent that one is not really needed but look at the health and well being industry. A thousand different ways to engage in discomfort to become physically fit yet they are still by and large in effective.

This occurs even when we are talking about ideas and growth. Growing is uncomfortable. It takes time, diligence and focus to continuously improve. It’s the emotional equal of always climbing a mountain to only find another on the other side.

High achievers will often feel like they are an imposter. That they are not as good or could never achieve what they seek. It’s because they’re not climbing molehills and they are always growing. This expansion and challenge cycle forces them to become better. This means they are always fighting a weight class or two higher than they are now.

This, in my opinion, is by far the best predictor for a solid co-founder or team member. They are mentally tough, resilient and capable of growing. I’d rather start with an under developed co-founder who is willing to grow beyond their current status than a well developed and stagnant one.

Discomfort is the symptom for most great achievers. If you’re not failing, learning and stumbling then you’re not growing.

If you’re comfortably numb you may be a great 9 to 5 worker. A cog that can spin bell to bell but nothing more. This is again, not a bucket, but a spectrum. We may find that sometimes we are ok with being uncomfortable and other times we flock to comfort. The challenge is to spend more time flocking to discomfort.