Are apathetic instead of passionate

Apathy is a strange and common thing for people. It’s one of the worst states to be in. A numbness to the future or a lack of defined goals and vision. It allows you to arrive in 10 years in the same state that you are now.

The opposite of apathy is passion. To live with purpose, goals and a vision for the future. Growing and developing yourself so that in 10 years when you arrive you are who you want to be and more.

A general lack of purpose is detrimental to ones sense of passion. Many would suspect the #YOLO fad was the highest form of passion but it’s not. It’s the most pervasive form of apathy. The recognition of our own limited time and instead of doing something monumental we instead sink to our lowest form. It showcases the limited purpose most have and incites a sense of motivation to try to be happy.

Sadly most people are incapable of identifying a purpose. They often imbue it from a higher source, often times a god or a loved one. An internal purpose is one of the hardest to find but you’ll know when you meet someone with it. There is a burning passion, a focus, an intensity that is not often met.

It’s utterly satisfying to be on a team filled with passionate people. You can come to work without having to spend hours pumping everyone on the team up. Psyching them up to just be average. Instead you walk in and you’re already finding ways to maximize yourself and others. It’s liberating to find individuals like this.

The challenge is they are rare. Few have the will or clarity to make a spark. They are dull from life and seek only security and their favorite shows. This is the true cost to passion vs apathy. With apathy you eventually focus on buying things, wanting things and consuming things. Whereby with passion you gravitate towards creating things, learning about things and sharing things.