Cody Higdem

Software Engineer | Startups | Marketing


A little bit about me…

Web Development

I’m in love with technology of all kinds. It’s incredibly exciting to craft something– to take a vision you or someone else had in their head and wireframe it, plan it out, struggle with the bugs, and then make those incremental improvements until it’s a complete and utter masterpiece.

Startup Love Affair

Lots of people dream of working in a major corporation. They want to be apart of something like that.  For me, I’m in love with the idea of a small scrappy startup defying the odds and a team coming together to make something that solves problems with neither the resources nor the man power to properly take it on. .

Machine Learning

The first computing age focused on transparency. Democratizing knowledge but now we’re in the age of so much knowledge that we must make it meaningful. This is why I enjoy machine learning it takes what we knows and turns it into what we want to know. 

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